Matthieu Lapeyre

Matthieu Lapeyre
Matthieu Lapeyre has multi-disciplinary expertises allowing him to design very quickly complex and innovative technology product with a fine design and a deep understanding of the users needs. This strength contributes to make Pollen a company whose products are clearly distinguished from other technological projects.
Matthieu graduated from the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (mechanical specialty) and Doctor of the University of Bordeaux.
He joined Flowers INRIA team in 2010 for his Master internship and began a thesis on the role of the body in the acquisition of bipedal walking.
In his thesis, Matthieu was faced with techno-scientific difficulties of experimental robotics and societal issues of open science. He saw an opportunity to provide an innovative response and decided to develop the first complete humanoid robot open source and 3D printed. Thus, his thesis entitled "Poppy: Open source 3D printed humanoid robot and modular for Science, Art and Education (2014)" is the origin of the Poppy community and was rewarded with a 2nd phd thesis prize of the "GDR Robotique".
With almost 6 years of experience in the field of robotics, he has a clear vision of the technological challenges and scientific limitations of a growing field. His involvement in scientific projects and his central role in the Poppy network allowed him to be recognized and to develop privileged contacts with scientific actors, associations and territorial politicians. Beyond robotics, he is very invested in the development of new models of social and economic development such as FabLabs, crowdfunding and open source.