Discover MEED EP-1

A new robot is born...

Today, we would like to introduce you a new robot in the Pollen's family: Meed! We have been working on this project for a few days now and we would love to show it to you.

Everything started with Doggy. You remember? The very first prototype that came out of our start-up:

We have received many positive feedback on this prototype and its potential uses. So, we have decided to push the concept further, to improve it and to make it evolve to a edutainment product!

Follow the Meed project and get involved!

We want to make the creation process as open and as interactive as possible. We are convinced that this is the way to make a product that really fit with our users needs. We are going to regularly share our progress on the development of this new robot until, if everything goes well ;), launching a crowdfunding campaign. We start today with this post and with the very first video episode of our new serie:

Obviously, it still is only a prototype. Meed is going to evolve, change appearance, learn new tricks. To follow its transformation, subscribe to our Youtube channel, to our Twitter or to our Facebook page! But above all, please share your opinions, ideas or comments with us on those networks.

Meed, a edutainment robot

Meed has been designed as a robot accessible for all. It allows the discovery of robotics and learning to code. This journey will take place among new adventures that you will share with Meed. It is intended for young girls and boys, starting from 10, but also to anyone interesting in discovering the robotic in a new entertaining and poetic way.
Matthieu designant Reachy
Matthieu et Nicolas assemble le robot

Meed comes from another world. It does not understand our human langage but you can communicate with it through code. It knows especially well the Scratch langage (developed by the MIT), which is also familiar for many kids now.

Le logo du langage Scratch

Through this new mode of expression, we hope to allow really soon kids to live new fantastic experiences with Meed!