Hello Reachy !

A new open source and bio-inspired robotic arm

In the context of our service activities, we worked with INCIA - Hybrid Sensorimotor Performance (led by Aymar De Rugy). Our mission was to produce a robotic arm prosthesis of the same size and with the main articulations of a human arm...

... we named it Reachy:

Reachy will be used by INCIA for research on prosthesis control via EMG (Electromyography, i.e. muscular activity).

Behind the scene

This project follows from a INRIA Flowers - INCIA collaboration during which 2 internships Joel Ortiz and Sébastien Mick have developed a modified version of Poppy and used it to prototype the control of a robotic arm via EMG.

EMG setup from INCIA

The logical next step was to scale up to a bio-inspired robotic prosthesis of human size and with an articulated hand.

Armed with our experience and our modular tools, we quickly designed and produced a fully functional robotic arm that is customized for INCIA applications.

Matthieu working on the design of Reachy
Matthieu and Nicolas working on the robot assembly.
Nico hand-checking with Reachy
People gathering around Reachy in the Aperobot

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a customized Reachy ;)