Doggy: a robotic development kit

Doggy is a four-legged robot, dynamic with a simple and fun design. It can be easily controlled and programmed to realise your social and entertainment robotics projects. It can move and play animations to make it more lively.

The kit contains an assembled robot, the 3D models and the control software. It is available on demand.

Why use Doggy?

Plug'n Play!

Doggy is already built. You only need to plug the batteries and you can start controling it. It connects to the WiFi, you only need a webbrowser to control it.

A robotic development kit

Doggy can be programed in Python, in Scratch or directly through a HTTP REST API. It can also be connected to the 3D game engine Unity, so you can design your own robotic games and animations.


The 3D models (3Ds Max and STL) are included. You can freely modify and adjust its appearace. The robotic control softwares are open-source so you can adapt them to your needs.