Reachy: a robotic arm for research

Reachy is a bio-inspired robotic arm. Designed as a research robotic kit, this human-scale prothesis can perform a wide range of movements. Equipped with a bio-inspired hand, it can also grab objects.

The research kit contains the assembled robot, the 3D models and the control software. It is available on demand.

Features of Reachy

Research kit

Reachy has been designed in collaboration with research labs. Already assembled, it can directly be programmed in Python and can be easily connected with other scientific tools such as Matlab.

Motion by demonstration

The robot's software allows to record movements by kinesthesic demonstration and be replayed at any time. It provides an intuitive way of quickly prototyping demonstrations.


The 3D models (3Ds Max and STL) are included, meaning you can freely modify and extend the robot to your specific needs. The robotic control softwares are also open-source for an in-depth mastery of the control loop.

Monitor app for reachy

Monitoring app for Reachy

Python notebook showing motor trajectories

Python Notebook for motors trajectories