Our expertise

Our previous work

We have developed a large variety of robots including Doggy and Reachy.

A Doggy on a table


Doggy is a very dynamic quadriped robot. Designed as a robotic development kit, it can be easily connected. It can be used to design and program your own social and entertainment applications.

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A 8dof robotic arm


Reachy is a bio-inspired robotic arm. With its 8 degrees of freedom it can perform a wide variety of smooth movements. It can also grasp small and light objects with its hand. Designed as a robotic kit, it can be easily connected with scientific tools.

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We participated in the Poppy adventure

Pollen's founders initiated the Poppy project while being researchers at Inria Flowers.
An amazing worldwide community has emerged and our creations are distributed by Génération Robots.

A standing Poppy Humanoid robot

Poppy Humanoid

Poppy Humanoid is an aesthetic, modular, and parametric robot. From a single arm to the complete humanoid, this platform is actively used in labs, engineering schools, FabLabs, and artistic projects.

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An Ergo Jr on a table

Ergo Jr

With its six motors, Ergo Jr is the most accessible Poppy robot. It is cheap, portable and easily customizable. Perfectly suited for beginners and youngs, it provides a good introduction to robotics through a series of turnkey activities targeting education.

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